For all your insurances I can give you independent and tailor-made advice. For the best (damage) insurance that suits your situation and assets, I know which company will give you the best premium and conditions.

Think of insurances for:
  • Family and health
  • House and possessions
  • Build, renovate or extend a house
  • Mortgage and credit
  • Holidays and Activities
  • Work and Income
  • Transport and traffic
  • Passing away and Funeral
Privé verzekerings diensten
  • 100% independent

  • accessible, transparent and adequate

  • We can also help you with a mortgage

  • translate complex matters into understandable language

  • we think in possibilities along with you

Financieel adviseurs
Independent advisor for insurances and mortgages

As an independent financial advisor, Thijs helps you make the right choices for the future. His goal is to protect you from the unexpected. Thijs is known for his personal approach, as he believes that’s key for any collaboration. “That’s the only way I can best contribute to your asset growth.”

He has been a trusted personal adviser for many clients for years. As a person, Thijs is highly driven and focused on achieving his goals. He doesn’t accept ‘no’ for an answer—he always finds a way.

Just like honey badgers by the way. Hence the logo. Honey Badgers are fearless, driven and focused on reaching their goals—they don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Check the video here below and you’ll know what you’re dealing with here.

Compare health insurances

Are you looking for or are you curious about the premiums, cover and the amount of the deductible of other health insurers?
Click below to compare all health insurers to find the best deal for you.

  • Independent

  • Efficient

  • Always personal

Private insurances

We are happy to help you. This way you are assured of a complete package, a competitive premium and good conditions. Click below to make a comparison yourself or to schedule an appointment with our advisor.